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In 2015 The Vision Ablaze released their award winning debut album ‘Youtopia’ via Mighty Music, Denmark. The Copenhagen-based bands signature melodic metal received outstanding reviews both nationally and internationally.

In 2016 The Vision Ablaze was nominated in three categories at the High Voltage Rock Awards: Best Danish Metal-Release. Best Radio Rock Track (nominated by MyRock, Denmark’s premiere rock radio) and Best Produced Album. While Myrkur and Danish rock legends Dizzy Mizz Lizzy took home the awards for the first two categories, Youtopia took home the title of Best Produced Album – honoring Jacob Hansen’s (Volbeat, Pretty Maids, Aborted i.a.) and the bands fine work on the record.



The Vision Ablaze was formed in 2010 and consist of singer Tim, drummer Christian, Lars on bass and guitarists Christian and Marcus. The vision has always been clear: to write intense and original music that makes people feel. Before releasing their debut album, the band has released two critically acclaimed EP’s, both of them recorded with renowned producers.



Tim Nederveen: vocals
Christin Raad Lilliedal: drums
Lars Lerager: bass
Marcus Grønbech: guitars
Christian Rasmussen: guitars



Youtopia is a paraphrase of Thomas More’s Utopia. More merged Greek concepts of Eutopos (i.e. a good place) and Outopos (i.e. no place). Did Thomas More believe a place in perfect equilibrium did not exist? The Vision Ablaze believes it resides in all of us – once all the illusions and delusions are shed.

The album challenges you to be active in your own life, to partake in rebelling against authorities that control through fear and lies. The album is both brutal and fragile, but most of all honest: Youtopia is happiness, sorrow, dedication, resolve, anger and fear – really it tries to take in the full aspect of human emotion at their most intense.



Youtopia was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Aborted, Pretty Maids, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy i.a.) Jacob has an uncanny ability to make something incredibly brutal and still let fragile, clean passages and singing stand out. That’s what you’ll find on Youtopia: a soundscape that is massive, brutal and yet still fragile. Jacob’s stellar work brings forth an album brimming with details without sacrificing brutality – and without becoming introvert in its expressiveness.



  • High Voltage Rock Awards 2016 winner/nominee
  • Wacken Metal Battle Denmark finalists
  • Represented on all major danish metal sites ‘2015 top lists’
  • High Voltage Rock Awards artist
  • ‘Album of the year’ nominee at Devilution webzine and







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